Halloween Costume Ideas for Mom

Halloween Costume Ideas_graphic for taylor dress_1

I wasn’t planning to dress up this Halloween. It seems like enough effort to get my son’s LOBSTER halloween costume together. He’s 3 now and this is a first for me, luckily I have a crafty and incredibly helpful sister-in-law to help. So much to learn being a parent!

I want to be the Mom who cooks great meals and bakes and makes their costumes, I hope I grow into these roles. Thinking now about what I’ve craved from family over the years and it’s pretty simple: cozy comfort food is the main one, a place to forget all my worries and be taken care of, now help with the kids, and security. Security and comfort. This is what I will constantly aspire to provide my kids, now and forever.

Maybe having Mom dress up for Halloween is a good first step! It would add to the fun and excitement and make better Halloween pictures and memories. Speaking of memories, have you seen the prints from Impressed? I can’t wait to try this!

Above are a few Halloween costume ideas with one simple, stunning dress. The Taylor Dress from Leave Nothing But Footprints. What would you choose?


Contest | Mount Seymour Family Pass #Vancouver

Mommy Footprint is hosting this amazing contest for a Mount Seymour Family Pass, valued at $800! If you’re a skiing / snowboarding / snowshoeing mountain lover, there’s still a few days left to purchase the annual September early bird season pass (you save 72%!!).

See contest details below and Good Luck!


About Mount Seymour

Mt Seymour is a one-stop winter activity centre for the whole family that offers something for everyone: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter education programs, snow tubing, tobogganing, great food, and special events. An easy drive from Greater Vancouver carries you out of the city and into the pristine winter playground where you can take in breathtaking views of Mt Baker, Vancouver Island and beyond. Mt Seymour is a family-run organization guided by a passion for the outdoors and for providing great value and exceptional service. With a long-standing tradition of providing each and every guest with a memorable mountain experience, whether you’re seasoned pro or have never played in snow before, Mt Seymour welcomes you.

We are excited to bring Vancouver and BC families the opportunity to win a Mount Seymour Family Pass! Would you love to win a family season pass up the Mountain this year? Our VERY generous sponsor, Mount Seymour, wants one of our lucky readers to have that chance. So, let’s get on to the giveaway!

One lucky winner will win this

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Giveaway ends 10/4/14 at 11:59 pm ET! Open to BC residents 18+ and older.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

Good Luck!

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Organic Baby Blankets and Bibs | Numpfer

Numpfer-organic-bibs-blankets-1 Numpfer-seafoam-bib-1numpfer-organic-baby-blankets-2numpfer-organic-baby-blankets-1

I’m in love with this beautiful and elegant line of organic baby blankets and bibs from Numpfer. Made from the softest organic bamboo, in classic white with a pop of colour on the edge seam, these bibs and blankets are highly absorbent and naturally antibacterial.

The bibs. So cool. The brilliant “tie on the side” was easy to put on my newborn and the organic bamboo terry cloth is so soft. We will be wearing these bibs all the time. Can be used as a washcloth too!

The blanket. Wow. A luxury receiving blanket that you will want to use all the time. It’s so soft and the perfect weight and drapes beautifully.

Locally sourced and handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I can’t get enough of these organic baby blankets and bibs and now want everything made in this fabric! I hope Numpfer extends the line to include crib sheets, although I might be jealous that my baby’s bed is cozier than mine.

numpfer-3 numpfer-1

I have to say that Numpfer nailed it. If you’re looking for a gift a new mom will love, this is IT.

Vivi is wearing: Numpfer bib; Baby Gap owl sweater; Vonbon leggings; Minimoc in Beluga.


A few things about me | LNBF Interview

LNBF Interview

Answering questions about yourself is always a bit of fun. We don’t take the time to contemplate the “why’s” of life or ourselves very often, it all goes by so fast and our reactions are often instinctual. It can be enlightening to think about our inner life and what we are passionate about. What makes us tick and what makes us all unique!

I’d like to thank Leave Nothing But Footprints for this interview and the generous words they imparted about me, this blog and my family. I am blessed to have connected with so many beautiful, like minded people and businesses on this eco blogging journey.

In Part 1 of the interview we talk about my activism and family.

In Part 2 of the interview find out who my favourite Canadians are, which eco celebs I admire and which online shops I love!

** My new business name and launch date are also revealed in this interview. Visit my new website and add your email address to hear about my early bird promos!**



Wordless Wednesday

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Don’t quit your Daydream | Eco-preneur update


I just LOVE this painting from Jenna Kutcher at Society 6. (Ordering!)

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and reminds me that even though it’s taking a LONG time to get there… I can’t give up.

So many things in life have taught me patience. Parenting being the #1 test of patience you could ever imagine possible. Babies, toddlers and kids have no agenda, no sense of time or hurry. In fact, they like to prolong moments. Moments I need to remind myself to enjoy with them, even if it seems excruciatingly slow and I have a million other things knocking on my brain. Patience is needed when bedtime takes over an hour. Patience is needed when my 2 yr old is having a meltdown and won’t put any clothes on and we need to get out the door. Patience is needed at dinner when food is played with but barely eaten.

Marriage / relationships have taught me patience. Something I wish I had paid more attention to a long time ago. You can miss so many good intentions and moments with impatience.

Working on my “daydream” and my new business has been a marathon of patience. Something I’ve wanted so many years to start and was finally ready to dive into when Henrik was almost 2. Then I got pregnant and worked on my business plan for over 6 months, finding random hours throughout the week to concentrate. Just when things were almost ready to go, I had the business registered, the website and logo started… I got hit with a Trademark conflict and couldn’t use the name I’d chosen. This happened a few weeks before my delivery date and I was SO upset at the thought of starting over…


I’ve been pondering names in the wee hours of the mornings in between baby feedings and wakings. I felt like I was going crazy at times but then I found it. My new name! Which I will reveal in the next few weeks…

I’m getting there on all counts and practicing patience has helped me along.

Stay inspired!



A Natural Childbirth Story


I feel so blessed to have had two babies, a boy and a girl. I can’t even believe how lucky I am when I think about it. And… I’m so happy I’ll never have to give birth again. Growing babies and delivering babies to the world is some serious shit. After my first natural childbirth, I felt empowered and strong and proud. After this last one, I feel… traumatized and envious of the ladies who get C-sections 2 weeks before their due date. Let me explain.

I had such little energy during this pregnancy, maybe it was because I have a toddler, maybe it was because I just wanted to sit and meditate on life as I did when I was pregnant with Henrik; maybe it was because I’m even older now than I was the first time. By the final month, I felt so heavy and uncomfortable, I wasn’t able to do much of anything and that can be quite boring for a toddler. My due date (June 21) came and went, I felt huge and certain she would come on time. She didn’t. I waited another 10 days.

Those last 10 days were quite miserable. With visits from the midwife, multiple “sweeps” and a couple of Non-Stress Tests, I was feeling crampy and grumpy. My body was doing some prep work, I was slowly dilating, 2 cm, then 4 cm. I was also feeling stressed, Henrik had been waking at night and having tantrums for a few weeks. I was anticipating the labour because I knew what to expect this time. I hadn’t found any time to just “be”, to take some deep breaths and prepare my mind for the birth. My body was doing it’s thing but my mind was completely off balance. I was certain this was holding up the labour.

The day before I was scheduled to be induced, the midwife came over and I told her how stressed I was feeling. She demanded that I go out on my own and sit somewhere, a park, the beach and just meditate for a while. So off I went, or hobbled, because walking was SO uncomfortable. I stopped at Starbucks and got my favourite drink, Chai soy latte. Then I drove to the beach. I knew I couldn’t actually walk down to the beach because of my waddling condition so I found a bench close to the car and sat down with a magazine and my tea. It was a beautiful day with lots of people around. I took some breaths and did some thinking, after about 20 minutes I felt it starting. My first contraction. It was about 2:00pm on July 1. I got out my handy app to track contractions (Full Term) and I timed the next contraction which was about 15 min later. Then a lovely, chatty, old lady sat down beside me. When I had my next contraction and hit the button on my phone, she asked what I was doing. “I’m having a contraction” I said. She thought I was crazy to be sitting and talking to her and that I should really be going! So I got in the car and drove home, I had one contraction at a red light and another as soon as I pulled up to the house. When I got inside, I told my husband it was starting and we called the midwife.

My first labour was fast (8 hrs) and I was warned the second could be half the time so we called my sister-in-law to come over and look after Henrik and we headed to the hospital. The contractions were getting much more intense, we got to the hospital at 4:00 and I was in active labour.

At 5:00, after the midwife arrived, she asked if I wanted her to break my water, I’m a chicken and said “no thanks” and got into the bathtub. Things really picked up and I wasn’t sure I could handle the contractions. I breathed through them, I moaned through them, I winced and sometimes swore through them.

At 6:00 the midwife asked if I wanted my water broken, knowing that things would speed along afterwards, again I declined, I just wasn’t ready for the intensity and I stayed in the tub. At 7:00 I was ready to come out and agreed to let her break my water. She said that I would have the baby in the next hour and she was right. That was the most intense hour of my life. I was pushing that baby out so hard I could have rolled a mack truck up a hill.  I felt EVERYTHING. It was quite awful and a little scary to be perfectly honest. I didn’t have the euphoric feeling I did the first time. Afterwards I asked myself, why didn’t I take drugs? Would this have been a better experience?

I know why I opted for a natural childbirth. It’s better for the baby to be released to the world through the birth canal and because I didn’t have any drugs in my system, both the baby and I were fine and mobile after the birth. I was able to be in the tub and labour in positions I might not have been able to otherwise. I believed in myself and got through it. We women are STRONG and we can do this, knowing all of the generations that came before us. In those intense moments, I could feel the chorus of mothers past giving me strength and courage.

I’m just very relieved I have had two healthy babies and never have to do that again.

I had Vivienne on Canada Day and soon after her birth we heard the fireworks. I thought “Yep, I deserve those!”

C xo

You can read my first birth story here.

Baby Girl has arrived!

Birth-1 Vivienne-blog1aVivienne-blog1bVivienne-July7-b

Our baby girl is 2 weeks old already. Born on July 1, so my #junebaby turned out to be a #julybaby.

There’s really no sense of time with a newborn, it’s all a weepy, happy, dreamy, sleepy blur. It feels so right to be doing this again. It’s easier the 2nd time around, especially breastfeeding, so happy I don’t have to deal with that learning curve again. The feeling of a newborn falling asleep on your chest as you hold their tiny body and smell their sweet little head is the best thing in the world. I know to appreciate these moments, it’s all so fleeting and it’s such a special time. It’s hard, having kids is hella hard combined with the most joy and emotion you can ever imagine. {yes, my hormones are going nuts and I’m incredibly emotional, can you tell?}

Vivienne was 10 days late, it felt like it took forever for her to get here. I wanted this baby so badly and it’s such a relief that she’s finally here and everyone is well. I’m a happy, sleepy, bleary-eyed mama and feel so incredibly lucky. (It also takes me a long time to recover… does anyone else get fluid in their ears causing major dizziness, or is it just me? Happened with both births.)

Thank you for welcoming this new life to the world with me!

xo C

Birth story #2 will be coming up soon…