Leave Nothing But Footprints Clothing Review and Giveaway!


*The Giveaway is NOT for maternity clothes! LNBF luckily had clothes that fit my baby bump!

Leave Nothing But Footprints (LNBF) stylists were very accommodating to my (now) 30 week bump when choosing outfits for me. LNBF is not a maternity store! I was thrilled when I received the pieces they picked, the clothes fit so well over my baby belly and are SO comfortable!! Honestly, I love the flow to these outfits, the fabric and the texture.

LNBF is on a mission to empower woman to create a sustainable world for future generations – starting with the clothes they wear. Their luxuriously soft and silky pieces (made from bamboo and organic cotton) are stylish AND sustainable. I love that LNBF designs each piece to be flattering on women in their 30s and up.


What I’m wearing:

1. Flora Maxi Dress with Flow Cardigan

2. Grace Tunic with Trillium Pants.

3. Opera Dress with Suri Leggings

And I can wear all of these post pregnancy as well!

**Thanks to The Hub for taking the photos and creating that cool “flixel” effect. Did you see that?



Don’t miss Leave Nothing But Footprints at the Green Living Show in Toronto this month!

green living show


The textile industry is the #1 polluter of water. It also uses massive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers to grow cotton and toxic chemicals to treat fabric. Conventional clothes often come from sweatshops and are made at the hand of people who are exposed to harmful substances. Conventional farmers are forced to work with toxic substances that put them at a significantly increased risk of the development of cancer and other such life-threatening diseases. Because of how inexpensive and accessible most clothes are today, our closets are overflowing – so much that we can’t keep track of what we have. It’s the equivalent of junk food. We’re addicted to the bad stuff and aren’t giving clothes the respect and consideration they deserve.

Thanks for checking out my photoshoot! For more pictures, visit me on Instagram.


JBF Children and Maternity Event GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

JBF-Giveaway-1 JBF-Giveaway-2 JBF-Giveaway-3

Hi Vancouver (area) Mamas and Mamas-to-be!

Just Between Friends is the leading infant, children and maternity consignment sales event. It’s an annual Spring and Fall event happening in Vancouver.  Huge savings on clothing, toys, infant equipment and furniture!  

You know how much this mama loves the Kid Swaps and as my pregnant belly is getting bigger, I’m really excited to find some ‘new-to-me’ maternity clothes!

Families looking to recycle items your kids have outgrown, it’s not too late to sign up and consign! Sell your items and earn up to 70% cash. JBF in part benefits our charity Aunt Leah’s Place.

Are you expecting? Or have you had your first child in the last 12 months? Come to the FTP/Grandparent PRESALE on Friday evening, April 25. Sign up at EventBrite for FREE!

April 25-27th, 2014

Croatian Cultural Centre | 3250 Commercial Dr., Vancouver

Friday – 6:00-9pm (must have valid Prime Time shopping tickets)

Friday – 6:30-9pm First Time Parents, Grandparents and Teacher presale (must be pre-registered)

Saturday – 9:00am – 8pm $5 Admission or free pass available on website/facebook

Sunday – 9:00am – 5pm Half Price day, free admission


  • 2 Prime Time shopping tickets  ($36 Value) – Shop the sale before it’s open to the public Friday, April 25th starting at 6:00pm
  • $50 JBF Bucks – gift certificate to be used during the Spring sale.  Must be redeemed in full at the time of purchase. $50 can buy quite a bit at a JBF event!

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Eat cereal and support Jane Goodall | GIVEAWAY


You might have some Nature’s Path products in your pantry already. Around here, we love the Instant Oatmeal (a must-have when travelling and camping) and cereals, especially EnviroKidz. Not only super YUMMY, they are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, whole grain, and made without toxic pesticides, artificial flavours and colours.

Nature’s Path is a local (Richmond BC), family-run, passionately independent, sustainably-driven, deliciously-healthy organic food company that believes in “leaving the earth better than we found it”. They make organic cereal and granola, as well as children’s cereals and bars, and they do important things, like keep 204,000 lbs. of pesticides out of our earth’s soilsupport food banks across North America, they sponsor important public education projects like the film GMO OMG, and they are a 1% for the Planet member.

What does your breakfast and Jane Goodall have in common?

Because EnviroKidz is a 1% for the Planet member, every time you buy EnviroKidz products, 1% of the sales are donated to support endangered species, habitat conservation and environmental education for kids worldwide.

Specifically, EnviroKidz Choco Chimps Cereal helps support The Jane Goodall Institute, global leaders in chimpanzee protection, and EnviroKidz Jungle Munch Cereal supports Fauna & Flora International, acclaimed heroes in Sumatra elephant conservation.

ENTER to WIN the above BREAKFAST BOX from Nature’s Path and ENVIROKIDZ. Post this image to INSTAGRAM or TWITTER and TAG #envirokidzbox. OR post a photo of your OWN Nature’s Path breakfast and TAG #envirokidzbox.

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Read MORE about the incredible Jane Goodall HERE.

Jane Goodall – So much more than Chimps


It all started with the chimps.

Jane Goodall spoke at the Orpheum in Vancouver last week for “Unique Lives and Experiences” and I was thrilled to be invited as a guest of Nature’s Path. You might recognize their cereal and other breakfast treats, more on that awesome company later.

Jane’s speech left me so hopeful and inspired. One person. Just one person can change SO much.

“If we can get a critical mass to think about the consequences of our little choices, about what we buy, about how it was made, about whether it harms people or animals or the environment … Each and every one of us makes a difference each and every day and we have a choice about what kind of difference we are going to make.”

Everyone knows Jane Goodall – champion for the chimps – she has been researching primates since the 50′s and has been a global ambassador for chimpanzee habitat and environmental protection since the 80′s. Now entering her 80th year, Jane has an incredibly positive outlook despite the destruction she’s witnessed firsthand over the past 5 decades.

“All thoughtful people are very well aware of the problems around the world, and they look around the world and feel helpless and hopeless, so they do nothing. That is the key. My job is to give people some hope and help people realize that their own lives matter, and that each one of us makes a difference every day.”

Jane began observing chimps in Africa in 1957 when she was just 23 years old. She is best known for her study of chimpanzee social and family life, instead of numbering the chimps in her research, she gave them names such as Fifi and David Greybeard, which was unheard of in the scientific community at the time. She observed that chimps have a range of emotions and actions like hugging and kissing and affectionate bonds between family members and making tools, her findings suggest that humans and chimps have more similarities than just our 98% identical genetic code.


In the late 1970′s, primate researchers became very concerned about the effects of deforestation and the meat trade on the chimp population. In 1977,  Jane founded the Jane Goodall Institute, to support research of the chimps and protect their habitats. In the 1980′s, the issues of habitat destruction and animal cruelty were so widespread, Jane embarked on a speaking tour to raise awareness and she hasn’t stopped since, she still travels 300 days of the year.

“The older I get, the less time there is, so whatever time I have is getting shorter. And there is just so much to do.” 

In 1991, Jane started the Roots and Shoots program with 12 local teenagers in Tanzania. Today, the network has blossomed with over 150,000 members in 130 countries.

“It is my greatest reason for hope I think, Roots and Shoots, because everywhere I go on this endless circuit around the planet, there are young people with shining eyes wanting to tell Dr. Jane what they have been doing to make this a better world.”


Find out how Nature’s Path and EnviroKidz are supporting the Jane Goodall Institute and ENTER OUR CONTEST HERE.


Quotation excerpts of Jane from the Montreal Gazette

Eco-preneur Adventure Update


The clock is ticking here as I’m expecting baby #2 in June. Some people think it’s a little short sighted that I want to start an online business before the baby comes, but for me, it’s about autonomy and being able to contribute to the household, and more than that… it’s fulfilling a dream I’ve had for over 7 years. I’ve been an aspiring eco-preneur for so long now, I’m ready to make it a reality.

Now, the business plan is almost DONE! When I finished the first draft, I was ecstatic. I’ve never finished a business plan before, although I have tried. It’s a huge accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without hiring Write Ahead to help with the Market Research (Thanks Dad!). I was getting nowhere and it was very discouraging. Jessica at Write Ahead is brilliant at what she does. Between the market research, workshops and business planning tools they provide, I actually ENJOYED the process. Can you believe it??

Of course, the biggest hurdle is to come… can the Business Plan get me the funding I need? And will I be able to pull this all off before #junebaby arrives?

I will let you know! Thank you so much for the encouragement and support. I can’t wait until I’m ready to REVEAL the new business!


World Water Day | what does it mean to you?


March 22 is World Water Day. It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to water issues worldwide. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to worry about where your next glass of water will come from. We even flush perfectly good drinking water down the toilet everyday! Considering that 768 million people do not have access to safe drinking water that just seems rather wasteful.

When the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted in 1948, water was not included in the list of protected rights. Back then, water, like air, was considered so fundamental to life that naming it didn’t seem necessary.

Times have changed.

Did you know that in Canada (and the US) we don’t have enforceable rights to safe drinking water?

Canada has 20% of the world’s freshwater, this has given us false security, thinking that we don’t need to worry about where our water will come from. Consider that we are ‘selling’ our purest water for next to nothing to one of the biggest corporations in the world to bottle and sell back to us; consider that our laws for protection of freshwater sources have been stripped; and consider that we are one of the nations that use/waste the most water in the world.

We need to act now to protect this most precious resource. Canadians should have a basic human right to clean and protected drinking water. We needs a National Water Policy that will enforce drinking water standards, recognize water as a human right, declare surface and groundwater a public trust, create a national public water infrastructure fund, strategy to address water pollution, ban bulk water exports and exclude water from NAFTA and all future trade agreements.

In July 2010, a historic resolution was passed, UN Human Right to Water and Sanitation, the resolution recognizes access to clean water as “essential for the full enjoyment of the right to life.” 122 countries supported the resolution, and over forty countries abstained from voting, including the United States, Canada. In fact, The Canadian government has consistently opposed the recognition of water as a human right at key UN meetings.


Click here to send a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper telling him why Canada urgently needs a National Water Policy.

If you’d like to learn more about protecting our water in Canada, here are some additional resources:



Thanks and stay hydrated! It’s good for your health.


First Signs of Pregnancy


Have you ever wondered if you’re pregnant? Want to know the first signs of pregnancy? Whether a happy accident or a momentous sigh of relief, women with babies on the brain can often wonder. I’ve been pregnant 3 times, the first was a miscarriage; the second was my darling boy; and the third… is a work-in-progress. #junebaby

In all of my pregnancies I’ve noticed the same symptoms affect me and I’ve known within the first week that I’m pregnant, before the tests can confirm. It’s an exhilarating and scary feeling to know this is the beginning of a new life with huge changes to your own life and body.

1. Heart rate. Since the baby feeds on your blood supply/plasma and to grow your uterus and reproductive organs, blood volume expands by up to 50% throughout pregnancy. More blood volume means your heart is pumping more blood and your heart rate increases. For some (me) this can feel a little like anxiety and I get body agitation and shortness of breath. I notice my heart rate, especially at night, very soon after conception. For me, this agitation only affects me the first trimester.

2. Smells. I’d never been really turned off changing my toddler’s poopy diaper, until I got pregnant. Many women experience a heightened sense of smell and I get REALLY affected by this, again, mainly in the first trimester. I was surprised the day I changed my son and could barely handle the smell, that made me really suspicious that I was pregnant.

3. Hormones. Can I say I just LOVE the pregnancy hormones? They keep me so chill and relaxed. Usually, right before my menstrual cycle, I can get a little… moody, impatient, irritated, etc. Relate? This time, the sure sign I was pregnant BEFORE I missed my period was that I was in such a GOOD mood! {nb – not all women are as lucky with their hormones! Fingers crossed you get the good stuff. I want to bottle this.}

4. Shortness of breath. See #1. This affects me more in the first trimester for some reason and it’s one of the first signs I notice.

5. Gross alert!! Diarrhea. This is something rarely talked about as a pregnancy symptom but it’s almost as common as morning sickness. And for me, one of the FIRST signs of pregnancy!

There are many other signs of pregnancy but most start a few weeks later, look for breast tenderness, fatigue and nausea in the first trimester and many more, it’s not easy to grow a baby! If you’re feeling super tired, check your iron levels, I always need an additional iron supplement to get me through. And drink LOTS of water! Coconut water is pure bliss.

What were the first signs you noticed before the magic stick said “positive”?


{image via Pinterest. That’s NOT me – I wish!!!}

Wordless Wednesday

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additional photo credits by Kat Thorsen