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Mason Jar

Mason Jars aren’t just for canning anymore. There’s a whole Mason Jar culture. I call it “farmhouse chic”.

We use small mason jars for our drinking glasses. They are so cute and versatile. We bought them for our wedding parfaits and I’ve since replaced our mismatched glasses in favour of the mason jars. The smalls jars are good for drinks and the large jars are good for smoothies.


EcoJarz is encouraging the Mason Jar culture by making these fun lids to keep the jars spill-free. They come in stainless steel and silicone and contain no BPA or phthalates and are recyclable and non-toxic. They also have these stainless steel straws and parfait spoons to complete your collection.

If you are a Mason Jar collector, you might want to add these Heritage Collection Blue Ball Mason Jars. You can also buy a case here.