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Modern Trend versus Traditional Trend In Cabinet

Modern kitchens have been developed from old designs to the latest ones. People go with their own preferences while modeling their kitchen. The traditional kitchen designs show the use of upper cabinets while the modern ones are mostly open shelves. Both the designs have their pros and cons. One should check properly before making a fair selection for his/her dream kitchen designs.

Traditional upper cabinets –

These are the full and well custom kitchen cabinets Mississauga. They are solid-wood style cabinets located in the upper area of a kitchen. It gives your kitchen a classy look with a catch of tradition. There are many pros yet certain cons are there for modeling your kitchen in this style,

Pros –

  • Storage

As it is located in the upper area of the kitchen as an extension of that part of the wall, it will definitely save you some area below. There will be plenty of space for other things which you will be needing on a daily basis. All the kitchen stuff which is not needed too often can be kept hidden in the upper cabinets.

  • Cohesion

The upper cabinets help to create cohesion with all the other kitchen design. As you get to choose the hardware, the color, and the finish as well.

  • Style

This helps a lot when the owner has a soft corner for traditional beauty and style.

kitchen cabinets in mississauga

Cons –

  • As the upper cabinets take some space in the wall area, it makes the kitchen look smaller and less spacious. Also, the room feels a bit darker than it actually is.
  • This style or design is a little expensive, as you need to choose good quality hardware, custom kitchen cabinets Mississauga offers you all with premium quality.


Modern open shelves –

one open unique shelf or design of shelves give your kitchen a modern eye-catching look. The shelves are mostly located in handy and approachable mid areas of the kitchen walls and give the kitchen a unique look.

Pros –

  • Open shelving gives a more fresh and open airy look to the kitchen. Stuff doesn’t stay hidden behind a door, rather their presence makes the room actually look like a kitchen. Also, the items come easy and handy. It gives a classy decorated look to the kitchen.

Cons –

  • Looks –

It gives the kitchen a busy look. Every item being placed outside makes the room seem like an engaged one as a restaurant kitchen.

  • Privacy issues –

As there is no presence of cabinets, open shelves won’t be able to hide the unattractive and old faded dishes and appliances.

  • Maintenance problem –

As these are open shelves, frequent exposure to the air will lead to dust layering. Good maintenance as cleaning and dusting on a regular basis will be needed.

mississauga kitchen cabinets

Combination of standard cabinets and open shelves –

For the best use, new designs are preferably combining these two,

  • Installing Lower cabinets
  • Presence of a single shelf in a main area of the kitchen
  • custom kitchen cabinets Mississauga doors as glass doors
  • Floating, shallow, or extra-high upper cabinet designs

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