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The writers form a heterogeneous group, there are writers of all social classes, of all cultures and all countries. However, they all have three characteristics in common. These three traits of a writer are not negotiable. If you do not have them, it is difficult for you to become a writer.

What are the three traits of a writer and how to recognize if you own them? Let’s see.

1.   Talent

In some way, talent holds the lowest importance of all three traits that a writer like in SEO Mississauga must possess, since it is something that we can’t learn-its in-built. In general terms, talent in writing can be defined as-

An aptitude for words, which may include (but not necessarily be limited to) the understanding of language and a receptive ear of powerful and rhythmic phrasing.

An instinctive, pure understanding of the structure of a narrative.

An insatiable curiosity, the desire to discover the truth, and the will to be honest, and at the same time daring, to write about the human experience and the world in which it takes place.

Perhaps the talent is the least important, as we explained in this post since it is the only one of the three features that will not serve you at all without the other two. However, it is important to recognize that without that original core of talent, it is difficult to have vigorous and singular writing.seo in mississauga

2.   Learning Capacity

We speak of learning but not of knowledge, because learning goes beyond a static accumulation of facts and data stored in your brain. SEO Mississauga believes learning is an indisputable part of the traits of a writer. Learning is something alive, ductile, which can be defined as-

  1. A continuous process that suggests a mentality oriented towards permanent search, rather than the domain of a simple list of techniques.
  2. A hunger for knowledge that is stimulated even more, instead of being satiated, by continuous discovery.
  3. The willingness to dedicate an infinite amount of time and energy to the study of the art of writing.

As a writer, you must study, train yourself through a broad and voracious reading, researching the principles by which the works of other authors are governed and seeking and accepting the rational criticism of readers, editors, and writers.

Writing is a skill that can be learned by anyone, and it is through learning that you will be able to rise above your raw potential towards refinement and, perhaps, mastery.

But a 21st-century writer needs to have knowledge that goes beyond writing.

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3.  Tenacity

Tension is the most important of the three traits of the writers like in SEO Mississauga, the base of the pyramid on which the previous ones are based.

Without tenacity, you will inevitably lack the ability to put your innate talent and the knowledge acquired at stake. The writers who have tenacity are the only ones capable of achieving-

A commitment to writing, facing their difficulties.

The tenacity that allows them to continue writing despite discouragement and doubts, many times unavoidable.

The constancy of writing every day, no matter what they should sacrifice in return.

The life of the writer is full of setbacks and failures. Without the will to persevere, you will never get much further than the starting line. As a writer, you must be willing to dedicate your time and energy to the constant quest to improve your trade.

To call yourself a writer, you have to act like a writer. You must take on the responsibility of having talent. You must open your mind to study and perfect the art of writing. Also, you must be willing to do these things day after day.

Writing is not simply a hobby, it is not simply a career, it is a lifestyle. If you can dedicate to work these three traits of a writer, you can wake up every morning with the assurance that you are a writer.

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