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Let’s Remodel your Bathroom from Beginning to the End

If you are thinking to neat up your bathroom, a bathroom alteration is simple means to do so. But how should you start the makeover?

Before you begin to alter your bathroom, chart out the renovating steps one by one to keep a track of what you are actually going to do.

How much will it cost?

To provide you with a rough idea about how much it will cost for small Bathroom Renovations Toronto; we have calculated average total cost of the entire process. With at least 20% being the budget of labor, $10,000-$15,000 is the average total cost.

But if you look forward to save as much as a few thousand dollars, you can think upon DIY method. Do not worry about how can you do such a laborious work all by yourself, we will guide you with it.

Preparations for your DIY Small Bathroom Renovation Toronto

bathroom renovations in Toronto

The groundwork involves setting up alteration design, and assembling remodeling tools and supplies.

Establishing Renovation Design

The first step towards Small Bathroom Renovations Toronto is to straighten out the sort of design that fits your visualization. You can decide upon these design rudiments to start your structuring process.

  • Color format- Choose the color of paint that must not be at odds with the color of tiles you are going to use to cover you bathroom floor.
  • Fresh Fittings- Make new fixes like replacing the shower or sink if necessary to add to your project.
  • Luggage Compartment Spaces- Make sure to have long storage space in your bathroom to keep accessories like towel.
  • Position of Utilities- Make precise measurements for electrical wiring and plumbing pipes otherwise they will end up demanding expensive repairs.

Gathering essential tools

  • Safety mask, gloves, goggles,
  • Caulking gun, hammer, Silicone sealant,
  • Tape measure, spackle knife, spackle,
  • Stud finder, power drill, pry bar,
  • Bucket, chisel, adjustable wrench,
  • Flathead screwdriver, hacksaw, utility knife,
  • Chalk line and extension cord

These were the tools which you should congregate before getting to effort.

Modifying the bathroom

small bathroom renovations in toronto

  1. Eliminate bathroom fixtures

Start by taking out toilet, eliminate the bath tub removing bath tile down to studs, take away the insulation without hammering, and remove cabinets, vanities, mirrors, tiles, and everything you want to replace.

  1. Set up your new shower

Choose from rectangular, square or pentangle tub.

  1. Install fresh fittings and elements
  2. Set down your new floor tiles
  3. Droop new drywall and begin to paint

Carry out this lengthy process of painting and provide your small bathroom renovation Toronto a new shape. Remember, always cover seams with drywall mud and tape, fill the gap, for shower, use cement board coated with redguard.

  1. Establish your new vanity and cabinets
  2. End up with hooking up the plumbing

Fix the toilet and provide your bathroom with an actual bathroom look.

  1. Add finishing touches

Put in trim around the rooms and mirrors to make it feel complete.

And now, as you have remodeled your bathroom successfully, you deserve to have a hot bath.



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