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Treating Burns with Raw honey

Here is a little story of the power of raw honey to treat burns:

One week ago I gave myself a 2nd degree burn on the palm of my right hand. Ouch! (Lucky I’m a lefty.) We were at our family cottage near Algonquin Park, in Ontario, the second morning we woke up was much colder than first day, so I lit a fire in the wood stove, the only source of heat at the cottage. I love smelling the fire and feeling it cozily warm up the small cottage. As I was pulling out more wood I lost balance and splat… hand on the stove pipe. That’s what you call piping hot! OUCH!!

We looked up burns in the First Aid manual and yep, 2nd degree burn:

2nd-degree burn (via mayo clinic)
When the first layer of skin has been burned through and the second layer of skin (dermis) also is burned, the injury is called a second-degree burn.

Blisters develop
Skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance
There is severe pain and swelling.
The first thing to do is run the burn under cold water for 10-20 minutes. Did that. Instant relief. Then you’re supposed to apply antibiotic ointment and bandage it and maybe take some pain killers. Didn’t do that.

I applied raw unpasteurized honey. Honey that I’d brought from home because I knew I couldn’t live without my “good” honey for over 2 weeks. Thank goodness I did. That honey preformed a miracle.

For the first few hours I needed to run my hand under cold water every 15-20 minutes when it started to hurt, then I would apply the honey right afterward, every 15-20 min. I was worried about sleep because of the pain but my mid-afternoon I rarely had to run the burn under water and that night I applied the raw honey poultice, covered it with gauze and went to sleep. No pain.

The next morning, I was stunned at how well the burn was healing, there was no pain and the swelling was gone and the redness was much less, I had a feeling I had healed a week in one day.

By that evening blisters started to appear and I kept up with the honey day and night for the next 3 days. The blisters never popped, in fact they healed quickly, except for one that calloused over. One week later the burn is completely healed, except for one callous, but it’s not bothersome at all.

Looking online, it says that 2nd degree burns take 2-3 weeks to heal. It also says the burn itches as it heals.