Over 1 BILLION umbrellas lost or damaged every year

I’m so excited about this online purchase, $25 dollars to get this incredible, 100% recyclable umbrella by Ginkgo. That’s what I love about sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, you can get in on the ground level and help support the creators and innovators and artists. I was blown away when I saw this Indiegogo campaign a few days ago. Living in the Pacific Northwest, the rain coast, the wet coast, the left coast, whatever you want to call it… it rains A LOT here and umbrellas are necessary.

Over 1 BILLION umbrellas lost or damaged every year. Ginkgo aims to save our landfills and our pocketbooks. Made entirely of 100% recyclable polypropylene, these umbrellas are able to resist strong winds by flexing without breaking or even bending. The hinges are designed to withstand thousands of open/close cycles. Created with plastic injection moulding, each part can be coloured as desired, for an infinite variety of possibilities.


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