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I learned about GoodWeave after seeing an ad in Lonny Magazine. This is an impressive and crucial organization.

GoodWeave is working to eliminate child labor one rug at a time. {One of the things I’m enjoying most about writing this blog is learning about people doing good things, I mean, REALLY good things, like at GoodWeave.}


We know it exists but did you know it’s rampant in the Rug industry?

When I think about the beautiful area rug we have in our living room, the rug my son plays on every day, the rug we inherited from my in-laws and think of the possibility a small child could have made this rug? I can’t bear it. These children are sold and trafficked to work 12-18 hour days as early as 4 years of age; or they are unable to access education and are sent to the factories to work in countries such as Afghanistan, India and Nepal.

GoodWeave is an international nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the rug industry and offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities.

The GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labor was used in the making of your rug.


GoodWeave is raising funds until April 16th to build a Child Development Center in Kabul in honour Iqbal Masih’s, a child slave who escaped the Rug industry at the age of 10, this extraordinary child made it his mission to save other “carpet kids” like him who were trapped as slaves in the handmade rug industry. He was free for 2 years before he was murdered and his voice silenced by the Carpet Mafia he was exposing.

You can read stories of kids who have been rescued from Child Labor through the GoodWeave programs here.

Soooo… next time anyone you know is buying a rug, please let them know about the GoodWeave Label. Ask questions to your local or online retailers and urge them to only carry rugs that are certified GoodWeave or that can be traced to their source.

Then throw it down and have a rug party!!



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