First Signs of Pregnancy


Have you ever wondered if you’re pregnant? Want to know the first signs of pregnancy? Whether a happy accident or a momentous sigh of relief, women with babies on the brain can often wonder. I’ve been pregnant 3 times, the first was a miscarriage; the second was my darling boy; and the third… is a work-in-progress. #junebaby

In all of my pregnancies I’ve noticed the same symptoms affect me and I’ve known within the first week that I’m pregnant, before the tests can confirm. It’s an exhilarating and scary feeling to know this is the beginning of a new life with huge changes to your own life and body.

1. Heart rate. Since the baby feeds on your blood supply/plasma and to grow your uterus and reproductive organs, blood volume expands by up to 50% throughout pregnancy. More blood volume means your heart is pumping more blood and your heart rate increases. For some (me) this can feel a little like anxiety and I get body agitation and shortness of breath. I notice my heart rate, especially at night, very soon after conception. For me, this agitation only affects me the first trimester.

2. Smells. I’d never been really turned off changing my toddler’s poopy diaper, until I got pregnant. Many women experience a heightened sense of smell and I get REALLY affected by this, again, mainly in the first trimester. I was surprised the day I changed my son and could barely handle the smell, that made me really suspicious that I was pregnant.

3. Hormones. Can I say I just LOVE the pregnancy hormones? They keep me so chill and relaxed. Usually, right before my menstrual cycle, I can get a little… moody, impatient, irritated, etc. Relate? This time, the sure sign I was pregnant BEFORE I missed my period was that I was in such a GOOD mood! {nb – not all women are as lucky with their hormones! Fingers crossed you get the good stuff. I want to bottle this.}

4. Shortness of breath. See #1. This affects me more in the first trimester for some reason and it’s one of the first signs I notice.

5. Gross alert!! Diarrhea. This is something rarely talked about as a pregnancy symptom but it’s almost as common as morning sickness. And for me, one of the FIRST signs of pregnancy!

There are many other signs of pregnancy but most start a few weeks later, look for breast tenderness, fatigue and nausea in the first trimester and many more, it’s not easy to grow a baby! If you’re feeling super tired, check your iron levels, I always need an additional iron supplement to get me through. And drink LOTS of water! Coconut water is pure bliss.

What were the first signs you noticed before the magic stick said “positive”?


{image via Pinterest. That’s NOT me – I wish!!!}


  1. Hey Cher!! Hope you are well and everything is progressing as it should!! I definitely had the heightened sense of smell thing happen. I usually love garlic, but I could not handle it when I was pregnant at all!! Also…first pregnancy I craved fruits and veggies galore, second pregnancy I daydreamed of Belgian Waffles with whipped cream and syrup!!

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